Sunday, March 11, 2012

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Emma and Will chilling out before dinner

While I was preparing dinner tonight, Emma, joined by William, sat by the window and chilled out by creatively singing her way around pictures in a book .

I'm beginning to think that William is going to be quite a chatterbox too!! Oh dear!

Friday, March 02, 2012

Joy pockets

5 senses tour

Walking on the beach, writing in the sand with sticks and gathering shells with Steph and the kids

watching William discover the waves and the way they erase letters in the sand

 watching Emma and Will make shell cakes
planting flowers in front of our house to welcome Spring and decorating the garbage bin

Enjoying some pleasant meals when the kids actually ate eagerly -no whining or complaining! Note to self: we had Tacos, Spaghetti carbonara, green-bean, tomato-potato and minced meat stew, fish and rice as well as snacks of fruit, biscuits, popcorn and jello-o which they loved. Only thing that they did not love was the broccoli and ham quiche. Of course.

 Emma having some "pink milk" like Lola

 William eating his spaghetti carbonara
I have been enjoying some solo time with Will - I spent so much time playing with Emma, reading to her, making puzzles, eating her pretend cakes whereas with William it's been and still is a rare thing. This week, after nearly a month of bronchitis, he had diarrhea so again we played emptying the kitchen cupboards, cooked together, read some books, cuddled and played hide and seek just the two of us. Tomorrow he comes off bronchitis meds and hopefully his tummy will settle soon. His trousers are falling down!
Some sunny weather after all that snow and rain and wind!