Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Child rearing and politics

Sometimes getting to school (read kindergarden) can take ages. That's part of the reason why I drive there although it would only be a 15 minute walk at a normal pace but I think we could at least triple that with Emma.

Emma's curiosity (a wonderful trait, yes I do realize)
means she is still prone to stopping and checking everything and everybody out (the beggar on the corner, the man raging at the trolly that won't come undone from the row, the gardener watering the plants, a moving van...) and what seems like stalling (I think this is part of her trying to make the point that "I'm the one to decide what I do, Mamââân" phase).

During her observations she is so totally absorbed that her brain filters uninteresting appeals "Emma, on va être en retard à l'école" (Emma, we're going to be late for school) like a person turning down the volume of their hearing aid so as to read in peace. But then sometimes we see a familiar child from afar (or a teacher or a garbage truck, which she loves, or something else interesting in the right direction) and I can say "Emma, regarde qui est là" (Emma, looks who is here) and luckily for me it usually works.

Sometimes I even find the right words to convince her that putting on her jacket is a good idea - "comme Maman/like Mum" doesn't always work nowadays, but "regarde, il y a des poches!" (look it has pockets!) is a winner!

Who knew child rearing taught you about politics (as in telling them what they want to hear so that you get what you want)?

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hello belly, good-bye feet & Emma update

I recently ordered a belly book on Amazon so that I could chart this pregnancy's progress and have something to give the little one later in life. (I also did one for Emma but it was sent to me from Singapore from my sister and hence a slightly different format).

I realize now how easy it is to forget certain details
- like, who knew that my tummy was already this big at nearly 10 weeks?!

and I am sure all of us will enjoy reading up on bits and looking at the (by then) out-dated ultra-sounds just like we already love looking back at pics of Emma and exclaiming at what a big girl she is.
Speaking of which...

Emma constructing a lego house

Emma on her way to school for her first day in the bilingual bigger kids class

Emma at the breakfast table in her bilingual class with her doll Nicky next to her

How is Emma doing in her new kindergarden group? Well, it's been a week now and the first few minutes are still a bit heart wrenching because Emma always asks me to stay and cries a bit when I don't but it thankfully only lasts for about a minute and then she dives into the activity at hand.
She still goes back to the younger group to take her nap after lunch and they all come together after that for tea-time and play. Every afternoon when I pick her up she yelps with joy and is happy to show me what she has done (baked a muffin, made a puzzle/collage, etc.) and some new toy she has discovered.

The other day she even said "Emma, sit down" (in English!) before sitting down to put her shoes on to go to school. I think she really enjoys languages - nearly as much as she likes music!

Next week we go to our first trial music class... I'll keep you posted!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Week 8 and 2 days

Today was a big day.

I had my first preggie pilates lesson on the reformer (= revolutionary Pilates machine) and although I felt slightly pooped at the end of it, I survived.

Admittedly, it was rather uplifting to be told by the 6 month pregnant mother doing the class with me that at 8 weeks all she could manage was to sleep in between kindergarden drop off and pick up of her 3 year old.

We had our second ultra-sound today and actually saw baby's heart beat! Pretty amazing especially considering that he/she is merely 13mm big!

Everything is just dandy except my blood pressure (90/60) which is perpetually making me feel like I am about to faint (
not nice when you are driving). Yay! to salty crackers and fruit smoothies (I have out on 1,5 kg since pregnant). Hopefully only 3 more weeks of this before I feel totally boosted by all the 2nd trimester hormones - yay! yay! yay!

And uh, I've taken to drinking chamomile tea in the evenings - helps calm the tum before bed-time. Bananas and Weetabix are my new best buddies.
No, not feeling like a gran in the slightest... especially not when napping after lunch, dragging myself to the car and needing help carrying groceries. Oh, and wanting to climb back into bed at 9am (but I don't 'cause I have loads of more interesting stuff to do and anyway, I nap after lunch remember?!).

Finally another piece of good news: Emma is moving to a bilingual (English & German) bigger kids group in her kindergarden as of Monday. Yippee!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Morning sickness goes on

I am in the throws of morning sickness and it's really REALLY horrible! I feel like I am hung over without even having had any of the night before fun.

Whatever I smell, taste or swallow in the mornings seems to make my stomach heave. Luckily the intensity of the nausea seems to abate as the day goes on... as long as I don't let myself get hungry. Hunger pangs = nausea.

Problem is, I get hunger pangs about every hour and some foods I usually enjoy make me feel even worse. So far I really need to avoid: tomatoes/tomato sauce, cucumbers, vinegar, some yogurts, white cheese, blueberries... Agh! Basically anything acid. Don't ask.

On the contrary, white rice, corn, salty crackers, peanut butter, (it's been decades since I last had peanut butter! ) chips, white bread, walnuts, almonds, raspberries and bananas make me feel better. But uh, how healthy is that? Tomorrow I'm going to try potatoes.

As for proteins (on top of nuts) ham, minced meat, and eggs are neutral if I eat something nice and dry with them.
This is going to be one gastronomic first trimester!

(to help with morning sickness here are some diet tips

some more and a few more)

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Emma's first haircut

At 25 months, we finally took the plunge and decided to take Emma to the hairdresser in an attempt to even out what little hair she has and make her look a little less like a mad scientist.

I think she quite enjoyed the experience and the end result is much prettier than expected.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Trampoline fun - Emma's new passion

Emma is not so hot on "swimming" in the sea, but the "popoline" has totally won her over... No matter that she hasn't quite figured out how to jump on her own yet.

At any rate, it means that by bedtime we're both totally beat and sleep like logs.