Thursday, March 31, 2011

Will is nearly 1

William is nearly a year old. A lot of people have been telling me how fast time has gone and how they feel as if only 5 minutes ago I was still hugely pregnant. But for us, well, the first 7-8 months were forever and so tough with the lack of sleep and the stress. Since January things have improved immensely and - truth be told, although we loved him since day one, we do like him and enjoy him a lot more now!

So what is William up to on the eve of his first birthday?

  • He is now reaching out his hand to show he wants (to see/touch) something or wants us to go there (if I am carrying him)
  • He goes "bye bye" with his hand. It's not exactly a wave as he scrunches his fingers up and opens his hand again but the meaning is definitely there. We do this to say bye to Daddy and Emma as they leave for kindergarden in the mornings.
  • Still no real words. More like "bah" "stah" "ahh" "mam-am-am" "bah-ba-bah" "bdaaaah!" "duh, duh, doy" "bbbbrrr" (he blows bubbles) and a lot of grunting and banging his arms to show frustration. He is very expressive with sounds and facial expressions.

Physical & mobility
  • Weighs 10,6kg! Wearing 86cm clothes.
  • He is crawling faster and faster, still not walking alone but pulls himself up as soon as he can using me, a table, a pram, a chair, shelves, etc.
  • LOVES playing and climbing outside!

  • He likes having his teeth brushed.
  • Pulls the grass out of the ground in the garden.
  • Likes playing with balloons.
  • Stays still when having his finger nails cut (this is amazing to me as he is very rarely still!)
  • Crawls off to see other kids and adults at play-dates or when picking Emma up from kindergarden.
  • Loves dogs!
  • Loves discovering and trying things (even putting his hand in the toilet & going for the toilet brush yuck!)
  • Enjoys being carried and being high up.
  • Loves playing with doors, banging on the washing machine door when it's washing, opening boxes and spilling and pulling out all of the contents - noisily if possible
  • likes it when you stroke his head with one finger when he is tired/falling asleep
  • Doesn't cry much when he hurts himself.
  • Is stubborn/determined as can be.
  • Laughs easily and loudly. So lovely!
  • Seems very independent yet likes to be in the midst of things and does not like being left alone much.
  • Absolutely hates it when you walk past him as he crawls towards you!
  • always wants to climb out of his high-chair - even as he is eating
  • Is constantly arching his neck to see what else is going on

  • Sleeps nights from 7pm to 6 or 6h30 am.
  • Naps were from 10am-11h20 in his bed (with a little help to extend after 30 minutes) and again at 14h40-15h20 (on bed or pram). Now that we are on summer time naps take place 11h-12h30am. Then just as Will wakes, it's just about time for Emma's nap around 1pm for about an hour. So we have 3 different nap times during the day! How fun are our week-ends?!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Keeping us on our toes

William sure knows how to keep us on our toes and keep himself busy!

Climbing out of a box
emptying drawers (kitchen, bathroom, bedroom...) and book-shelves

pulling on curtains so hard that they fall to the ground
standing on his high-chair so as to check out more stuff
paying close attention to what is going on in the washing machine and dryer

Luckily he does not mind company in his adventures

or discovering new places (here in a café)

and the winner is - as it was with Emma - the remote control!

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Princess Fairy Emma

Princess Fairy Emma skipping across the class

Today Emma's kindergarden is celebrating Faschings or Carneval. Emma is of course dressed as a fairy princess complete with wings, a magic wand, glitter or her cheeks and a touch of pink

There are loads of princesses with pink tulle and frous frous galore, most of the boys are Pirates (but I did see a very convincing Bob the builder), the little ones are cats or tigers and one of her teachers, C. was dressed as a cowgirl.

Meanwhile William's favorite occupation is emptying the laundry basket (or preferably our drawers!).

Oh, and here's Emma playing the mean old fairy (scary, angry pose!)

and on our way to school

Sunday, March 06, 2011

William's first shoes

Because Will is so enthusiastic about walking - and gets frustrated in his pram when we are out in the park - we decided he needed a pair of walking shoes. Size 20, ankle high brown ones with a velcro strap.

Here he is taking his first steps in them in the shop.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Learning to fall

William is in the process of learning to stand by himself and it occurred to me that the hardest part -now that he can pull himself up- is learning to fall. As in life, don't you think?

Learning how to manage a fall and pick yourself up is just as important as learning and being able to navigate your life.

So I am trying to show William that he will be ok if he lets go and falls, that bending his knees a little helps, that his tush is soft and sturdy enough to cushion the blow, that he will be safe.

Emma, at the good old age of 3,5 is also learning to fall. In fact, for the first time that I can recall she is falling a lot -not out of clumsiness as has often happened when she is tired - but at out actually being able to let go of her cautiousness. She is riding her balance bike - the one without pedals - and falling a lot because she is going fast! and downhill! and boy is she falling!!! But it's great to see because she is daring to do things she never dared to do before.

I think this is one of those times when I have a lot to learn from my little ones.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

A break

I just spent 40 minutes in this cafe, alone with my caffe latte, my pen and note book, my phone and my thoughts. I sent a text or two, gazed into space, sipped my coffee ever so slowly, wrote a bit, made a list of things I want to get done for myself, the kids, the home...( ok, so my list put the kids first but at least there was a ME list!) People watched, ordered another latte...

Wow! How wonderful to let my mind wander and have the time to enjoy. No talking, no kids, no pressure.
I really must do this more often!!!!