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Yummy! my favorite restaurants/food hang-outs in Vienna:
Hansen great food, great service, great decor
Ella's wonderful terrace, good food
Orlando di Castello for a great burger and fabulous pastries and definitely the best "pain au chocolat" in town! Their café latte is also divine
For unbeatable cheeses and catering as well as on the spot fresh and home-made lunch go to Pöhl's on Kutschkermarkt in the 18th district
VaPiano for fast, self-service, kid friendly and inexpensive Pasta, Pizza and Salads 

For a list of swimming pools
Tuesday morning movie with your babe in tow

City guides:
Vienna Life
Vienna unlike

Wish I had known about these earlier:
for professional waxing
for a good haircut/color

Best furniture shops:
Scandinavian Design House scandi design furniture - super friendly and helpful staff
Steinvender expensive but chic and has inspiring layouts and a good choice of material for upholstering, curtains etc.
Stil Gewohnt offers classical dutch cosy and rustic furniture with a great choice in terms of colours and woods - you can tailor your own table, sideboard...

Just drop a comment if you wish to add your own two cents ;-)

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