Friday, July 20, 2012

I love Greek take away dinners!

Mint meatballs with lemon juice, tzaziki, roasted aubergine salad, zucchini fritters, stuffed peppers or vine leaves... Yoghurt and fruit. What's not to love?!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Oh these Greeks! or how not to name your baby in my opinion

Emma has befriended some Greek girls in her French language summer camp here in Nea Erythrea, which is great because a) she really missed spending some time with girls and b) it's good for her to spend some time with other children than her best (boy)friend F. c) she is eagerly picking up some Greek. 
Anyway, back to my point; she has been telling us about these girls but some of their names sounded quite strange to us and we were not sure whether or not she was getting them  right. Last night she was telling us about a young girl called Geopat - this didn't sound very Greek to me but Emma insisted. 
Today, once the correctness of the name had been confirmed,  I asked the teacher whether Geopat meant something in Greek (as is often the case with names here). As it turns out, it does not and it is not even Greek at all; the little girls parents could not decide on a name for their young baby girl and so decided to make a medley of theirs GEOrge/PATricia.

I wonder if Emma would have liked to be called SteSan?!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Negroponte resort Eretria

William and Steph enjoying the pool


Emma and William happily competing for sharing their apple juice.

Holiday fun at Evia

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Hot Sunday

It's 10: 20AM Sunday morning and 30.7°C !!!  So here's how we roasted through it:

Some arts and crafts indoors...


Some Mediterranean veggies for lunch... & BBQ


Freshening up in the pool... oh sorry, no pics of that one ! was too busy in the pool!! but I can tell you that Emma is nearly swimming all by herself and that William needs nearly as much time to get into the cool water as I do!


Frozen yogurt yummmy! I could have it 3 times a day!!! Luckily you can top it with loads of fresh fruit and make it relatively healthy ;-)

 cuddles and kisses

Hope you had a good Sunday too!!!