I used to live in Geneva (until 2006) but not as an expat. ;-)

Off the top of my head in random order:

The best English language radio (with website with lots of useful info and classifieds): World Radio Switzerland

Where to live: depends on your age, interests, budget and workplace, whether you like the country side or the city... you may also consider living in near-by France or in a near-by canton such as Vaud as it can be cheaper.  Traffic at the moment is bad so you want to live close enough to direct transport (whether boat, train, tram or bus - or car or bike, scooter...)


  • Best burger: The Road Runner
  • Beast ice-cream: the Gelato Mania in Carouge or Pâquis
  • Best Pizza: Espresso Bar in the Pâquis
  • Best Château-Briand (steak): Au Boeuf Rouge in the Pâquis
  • Malls: La Praille, Balexert, Etrembières (France),
  • Sunday morning Coffee: at the Place du Bourg de Four, CALM in Carouge, Café Wolfisberg (go to the Carouge one if you have kids)
  • Best Parc: Parc Betrand (if you have kids) or Bastions (also has a nice restaurant)

Blogs and websites in English that might help those planning to move there:

Just drop a comment if you wish to add your own

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