Monday, May 26, 2014

Emma's Day off...

It's voting day today and so Emma's school is closed. We took advantage of the day and enjoyed some pampering and a delicious lunch together.

Soon minus a tooth

Here's Emma having juice with Mummy... This might be one if the last pics with both top milk teeth. :-)
Her top left one is starting to stick out it's so wobbly!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Send mail please

Dear Family (and friends),

Every day William wants to check the mailbox and regularly sighs and heaves with disappointment when Mummy or Daddy receive mail and he does not. "Oghhhh?! Why nothing for me?!" Of course, he couldn't care less that the majority of our mail is advertising or bills with the occasional bank statement, postcard or amazon order... He just sees mail. Which is not for him.

Today he was thrilled to open the mailbox and hear that the green envelope it contained was addressed to the whole family and that he could open it. (I had actually opened the mailbox previously, opened all the mail - including the green envelope - removed "parental mail", then scotched this particular envelope up again and replaced it in the mailbox for him to discover later...)

William is very curious. He particularly likes to know how things work. One of his favorite books is about where the contents of his lunch box actually comes from.

Recently he has asked me several times to explain how mail gets to us -and of course the post-cards we send to you (and sometimes to ourselves, now you know why...). He knows about the post office, the conveyer belts and computer-like machines that read addresses, the planes/trains, the bags of mail, the post-men (who don't wear any kind of uniform here in Greece) and now he expects mail to be delivered to him.  Every day. Quite naturally.

So here is a special request: Please send William mail. A post-card, a parcel, a picture in an envelope, a penny or a dried flower on a card... whatever fancy you may have. He will be over the moon to hear it is for him and will treasure opening it!

(oh and of course Emma, as any self-respecting sibling, will inevitably be jealous so please send her something too!!! this would be perfect! In fact I might just try it out!!! )

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

2 piece canvas painting

Ta-da! Finished this 2 canvas painting in Alaya bar inspired colours today.

Monday, May 12, 2014

William's Mother's Day card

A portrait of me: ?;/#%¥!!
It's hysterical and I think I need to breathe more... :-)

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Emma washing up

Mother's Day treat! 👍❤️