Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter holiday beach

Yesterday we visited the lido di Modica

Then, one of Za Za's dog buddies stole one of William's shoes and we went on a mission to find it. 
The plan: 
We posted Emma below where we had lost the dog's trace as he ran off with the shoes, then William and I have the dog thief the other shoe and ran after him.
We found the shoe in the dogs hide out along with some stockings and socks. ( Today there was a black high heeled shoe and a football too!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Modica Sicily, Easter Holiday

I love all these beautiful run down doors...

And the square cut trees!

The blue blue skies

Against the vanilla bourbon walls

And the contrast of the two

And oh the sunshine! 

Easter break in Sicily- more pics

Love the blue ceramics in the garden

An amazing and impressive cemetery 

Delicious espresso

The "pini" (pine cones) a symbol for prosperity, abundance, fertility...

The Easter procession in Noto; Jesus Christ

On his way to meeting mother Mary.

And confetti! 

Easter in Sicily- more pics!


Emma in Noto

The mythical cinque cento in Ferrari red! 

Local marketing technique; bunnies & parrots

I love the lemon tree in our garden. I wonder how old it is...? 

Candle light & fireplace for heat at the home we are staying in... Cosy! 

Local produce for a simple cold dinner...

Good morning! 

And breakfast time! 

With hats borrowed from the house owners... 

It's SO good to feel the warmth of the sun and sit in the green of nature again after a winter of concrete in Milan. 

Happy Easter from Sicily

The Etna as seen from the plane on the way here...

Driving to the rented house there was a sheep jam. 

One of my favorite colours, rustic pink and green garden backdrop...