Saturday, July 12, 2008

Emma - July 2008

nearly 1 year old, not exactly crawling - more of a bum shuffle - but already have loads to say... and um, dribble... Too much a-shakin' for my milk to stay down


Maja said...

She is totally cute! :) I think she was actually trying to get up by holding her on the wall. To se tacno vidi u momentu kada cupka na guzi a ruke pruza gore ka zidu. Takodje, mislim da je na parketu prilicno klizavo, ako joj izujes sokne (ili obujes mekane cipele/zepe) mislim da ce imati bolji oslonac na nogama. :) To je barem nase iskustvo. :)

All the best!

Sandra said...

Hi Maja,
We think so too - but can't say we're really objective!!!
About her wanting to stand up against the wall: I don't know - she's still not standing on her own using a wall, table or chair as a prop. Even when she is sitting by a table she'll pull herself up enough to reach something from the table and then falls back. We can place her on her feet to stand and she'll stay up for 30 seconds or so and then fall back on her bum - totally uninterested!
However, I took your point about slippery parquet and socks so I take them off now so she can have a better grip! ;-)