Friday, May 08, 2009

2 (and a bit) more years to go!

I'm sort of throwing this down in the hope of remembering to dig it out when Emma is old enough to play - in the meantime I might just do some with Steph if he's willing to indulge me... (or rather if we find the time).

am I talking about?

I read this post and was particularly delighted at the "nine" part of it by Catherine's son Ben and his friend Ava.

It's a hilarious and magical mad lib and I had no idea this is what they were called although I remember playing a version of these in my early teens with French speaking friends and finding it really fun. Hilarious sometimes, actually.

So, if your kids are old enough to play - at least 4 I think - give yourself and them a laugh and do some Mad libs!

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