Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Morning sickness relief recipes

In order to celebrate us moving into the second trimester of pregnancy - supposedly the best of the three - and without wanting to jinx the hardly missed departure of morning sickness - I thought I'd share some of the tips others shared with me and that seemed to help.

Here's what I found helpful:

  • a non-menthol toothpaste (children's Elmex worked for me) if you're finding it hard to brush your teeth without gagging every other second
  • apples, apples, apples! (I kept at least one in my handbag at all times) they help relieve the acidity that makes you nauseous
  • ginger (in whatever form you find palatable)
  • grilled almonds and cashew nuts (a good snack to combat hunger which increases nausea and in my case the salt and proteins helped with the low blood pressure)
  • some kind of salty crackers or tortilla chips (I had soletti a lot) a friend kept some next to her bed and nibbled on some before getting up
  • peanut butter on toast
  • salty noodle or chicken soup - very soothing!
  • chamomile tea with a dry biscuit just before bed-time stopped hunger pangs from waking me up
  • small meals or snacks frequently to keep hunger at bay

Avoid whenever possible:
  • feeling hungry (makes nausea worse)
  • cooking (or being in the kitchen when someone else is cooking or making coffee)
  • the smell of coffee, fried food, meat and fish, mushrooms... and basically anything with a strong smell (changing nappies was torture - surprisingly pee filled ones were worse for me)

Second trimester here we come! Yay!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sandra,

I wish I would have known some of these food choices. During the first trimester I nurtured myself with baked potatoes with salt and butter. Haven's had them since.