Tuesday, December 01, 2009

20 weeks preggie: Half way there!

20/40 weeks!! YAY!!!

So what's new with the bump?

  • My tummy definitely feels bigger and I'm finding staying bent in the middle for a while (like to help Emma get her shoes on/off, pull my own boots on or get the laundry in the machine) a lot tougher.
  • I've put on 3,5kg in 20 weeks
  • I am already fed up with wearing preggie jeans all the time! Dresses are much more comfy but my legs get cold when I spend time outside in tights.
  • I can still zip up my winter coat but not for long. I hope February won't be too cold!!!
  • I've been feeling the baby's butterfly-like flutters for the past 3 or so weeks and his movements are getting stronger.
  • Sometimes he just stays still but pushes hard against the wall of my belly.
  • For a couple of days now, I have also been able to feel him (or her) from the outside (my hand on my tum) but it's still quite infrequent.
  • He seems to be like swimming in the middle and on my left side whereas Emma used to push out on my right side which was a bit of a fight at bedtime (I used to sleep on my right side a lot).
  • We still don't have a name.
On Monday we are due to have our organ screening test (see ultrasounds scans explained here) and so we should also finally find out if it really is a he.

That's about it!

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