Friday, June 25, 2010

Wir sind Kinder einer Welt - Emma's SommerFest

Yesterday, Emma's kindergarden celebrated their SommerFest (to view pics click here)

Below is a little film of one of the songs Emma's group sang ; Wir sind Kinder einer Welt.

It's fantastic that there are so many nationalities in their kindergarden and I love that they are teaching children about acceptance of differences when they are so young and open.

Emma is wrapped in a blue kaftan & turban and is paying more attention to the little one crying behind her than to the song... One of these days I should tape her early morning rendition - she sings when she's up too early to get up.



Anonymous said...

This is too cute. I wish I could send Leyla to a German Kindergarten.
Love from Eva

Sandra said...

Yup, I have to say, we are very pleased with the kindergarden here ;-)
I hope you find something that suits you & Leyla in L.A.