Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Roll William, roll!

William has been lifting and turning his head for a while now and has recently also started to lift his torso off the ground really high (leaning on his forearms) and his bum into the air (leaning on his legs).

Then yesterday, he actually rolled!

It all started while he was on his tummy on his mat. He had lifted his head was looking side to side. At one point I stood up next to him and as he lifted and angled his head further to follow my movement, his shoulder and rib cage followed making balance difficult. However, he didn't seem to mind this at all, so next time we were on the mat, I rolled him from tummy to side a couple of times, there and back.

Then last evening, as I was fitting together another play mat with dangling bits to lie under, hop there went Will all on his own, off the mat and onto the parquet. At first I thought it might have been accidental, but a second after I had put him back on the mat he did it again. And then again in the other direction!

Unfortunately I haven't yet managed to get this on film!

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