Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Back from Croatia

On Sunday we got back from 10 days of sun in Croatia where I totally enjoyed the food (loved the cevapcici!), the sun and the warmth (both literal and the general friendliness).

Early morning at Baska Voda

Vienna is very cold (10°!C) and grey in comparison. William's routine is all jumbled and I am having to cook and launder once again... Oh well.

Here are some pics to of our stay.

Both William and Emma stayed awake during the whole plane trip but luckily slept in the car that drove us from Split to Baska Voda.

William "wearing" Emma's underpants to keep the light out

Emma had a proper sleep mask on to help her sleep

Getting up on Sunday morning was really hard as William had woken loads of times during the night

Annabel (alias Tata-yéyé) arrived later in the night and was greeted with much joy as soon as we were all awake!

Emma enjoyed some time with her Daddy

I love the scenery and the smells of pine wood and the sea

and late afternoon apéritifs on the beach where helpful in getting trough the evenings

For more pics of our hols click here


Isla said...

The holiday looks the haircut : ) i had a dream where you were at the hairdressers...just kidding !!! hugs xxx

Sandra said...

Phew! Glad you were just kidding about the dream - it would have been just too eerie!!! ;-)