Sunday, December 04, 2011

Recent Emma-isms

While brushing her teeth with a new minty toothpaste
Emma: Mummy! it's too spicy!!
On our Sunday afternoon walk:
E: Mummy, I want to go back to the car now.
Me: Yes, Emma, we are walking back to the car now.
E: But Mummy, we must hurry up before it gets dark.
Also during the walk:
E: No, Mummy, Willy wants to hold my hand, not yours!
While putting her to bed:
E: Where are you going now Mummy?
Me: Downstairs
E: what are you going to do there?
Me: Have dinner with daddy. Good night now sweetie. I'll see you in the morning.
E: When will it be morning?
Me: at 7 o'clock. Nightie night.
E: but  Mummy! I will wake up when you have dinner.
After waking from her nap Sunday afternoon nap
E: When are we going to have breakfast Mummy?
Me: Tomorrow morning. Now it's tea time.
E: Mummy? What's for lunch?
While walking: 
E: Mummy, shall I tell you something?
Me: Yes, Emma
E: Concombre! (cucumber in French)
In the car: 
William: aap, aap!
Emma: Mummy, William is saying apple!

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