Friday, January 06, 2012

new doctors and William at 20 months

One of the key things to find when you move especially if you have any sort of medical condition and kids - are good doctors.  Hopefully I have started tackling that mountain.
Yesterday I saw 3 doctors!!! It just so happened that I got some references and my act into gear and appointments all bunched up.

The first was a gynaecologist; he was lovely as well as German, fluent in English, married to a Greek woman pediatrician, father of 3 kids, trained in Munich and ready to take the time to explain all possible contraception that might work for me. I nearly had the impression I had gone for coffee with a friend. 

The second was a very renowned endocrinologist (for my thyroid) and although I am a bit wary of the "very renowned" as they can be professor-ish and not good with patients, I really liked this one. He also took a lot of time to explain things and checked my thyroid (with his hands) and prescribed blood tests that made sense. We talk on Monday.

The third was for William - we saw his pediatrician, Poppy, for his pneumococcal vaccine. We also measured and weighed him and so we have some numbers.

William, 20 months:
  • 86 cm tall
  • 12,5 kg
  • very smily and happy and still not very talkative except for:
  1. Mamaaah 
  2. Papap' 
  3. Mameuuuh
  4. nez (nose in French)
  5. teuk (take or tiens we are not really sure and perhaps neither is he)
  6. ça (this in French)
  7. up (for pick up, put up, go up the stairs but also sometimes for open)
  8. "co" for "encore" (more in French)
  9. "haa" for hot
  10. Aema (Emma)
In our case, girls are really faster talkers than boys!

What else?
  • nods his head for "yes", shakes for "no"
  • points and pulls you and shows you where to sit if you are not sitting in your usual place
  • brings you his plate when he is hungry
  • loves emptying the dishwasher and putting things away (only one glass broken so far!)
  • still has the cutest walk (kind of swings his hips and shoulders like a tough bodyguard)
  • at bed-time in his bed, tucks my arm under his body so I can't leave. (heart melting)
William this morning in the kitchen playing with the serving spoons

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