Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Oh these Greeks! or how not to name your baby in my opinion

Emma has befriended some Greek girls in her French language summer camp here in Nea Erythrea, which is great because a) she really missed spending some time with girls and b) it's good for her to spend some time with other children than her best (boy)friend F. c) she is eagerly picking up some Greek. 
Anyway, back to my point; she has been telling us about these girls but some of their names sounded quite strange to us and we were not sure whether or not she was getting them  right. Last night she was telling us about a young girl called Geopat - this didn't sound very Greek to me but Emma insisted. 
Today, once the correctness of the name had been confirmed,  I asked the teacher whether Geopat meant something in Greek (as is often the case with names here). As it turns out, it does not and it is not even Greek at all; the little girls parents could not decide on a name for their young baby girl and so decided to make a medley of theirs GEOrge/PATricia.

I wonder if Emma would have liked to be called SteSan?!

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