Sunday, September 02, 2012

Bye bye summer hols - back to school!

Finally the summer is coming to and end, or rather, school is starting! Tomorrow is orientation day; a chance for the children and Mums to meet teachers, visit class-rooms and see classmates old and new. I am looking forward to it! 

It's not really the end of summer here yet; we are still enjoying sunny and warm weather here day after day but I am sure we will get in the "autumn-back-to-school-mood" soon enough. 

The past two weeks here in Greece we have kept busy;

visiting the wonderful Attiko Parko (zoo)
where we saw a family of hippos keeping cool in their mud pool
and amazing feathers and coats
We also liked dressing up and dancing
 polishing up our looks
going for short walks
jumping on our new trampoline

 visiting friends...
 having lunch in outdoor malls
 painting plaster figures
 being brave at the park
 making play-dough cookies while Mum and Dad lazed in front of the telly for once
 climbing olive trees...

and lots more!

Anyway, goodbye summer, we are happy to have enjoyed you but we are welcoming school back with a smile. 

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