Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Welcome Wednesday

I never thought I'd be that woman, but as it turns out, I do sleep less soundly when my husband is away. Or rather, I fall asleep less serenely always hearing an (imaginary?) thump as I am about to nod off to sleep. Once asleep I am usually an all-nighter. Last night was no exception but I reassured myself that the alarm was on and quickly let go of the idea of an imaginary intruder and just slept.

This morning after shutting of the chirpy alarm and 10 minutes of my usual waking up  I opened the bedroom door to turn the alarm off before heading off into the shower and found the living room lights were on. Oh dear. I am sure I had turned them off last night.
I peaked down the stairs and before tiptoeing down quickly checked the children's bedrooms and noticed William's door was ajar and his bedside light on. Ummm. Strange.

Back to tiptoeing down the stairs; I noticed a flash of turquoise pajama on the couch. William fast asleep. Quick, I thought, back to my room to shower before he wakes up and I have to explain why we cannot start the day with the chocolate cake we made yesterday.

Feeling more myself after the shower I even envisaged the possibility of a cup of tea before William woke but as soon as I reached the bottom of the stairs my hopes were crushed as his head popped up and his chirpy "hi" warmed my heart. Then the smell hit me. Poop. That explains that.

William's enthusiastically went on: "my wroom aaaaall dark. My put sight on. Aaaalll dark. My put ather sight on. My drink (pointing to the plastic toothbrush cup). Here aaaall dark. My no sleep bed. My sleep cach."

Steph is right. He talks more than Emma - and that is no mean feat.

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