Friday, February 01, 2013

The things about William

When asked about his name he will answer you "Jingle bells" or "Imam" because he can't yet pronounce the sound "W"  and because he likes being funny.

That's an improvement because he used to call himself "Ama"  - as in what he calls his sister. Come to think of it,  Emma speaks of herself in the third person when talking to him so I guess that's what confused him.

He is the most independent little boy in the world always saying "my do!" and is always running to wherever he needs to go to do whatever he needs to do -except if he is sick and then's it's more like "mummy carry me".

He is super enthusiastic but lacks the words to say things he wants to say so he mimicks and exclaims and waves his arms about like a stressed out trader at the stock-exchange or an Italian politician.

He is super sensitive and caring, immediately giving you a kiss and saying sorry if he knocks you or hears you say "ouch" asking "mummy betta?" and is sorry to tears if he breaks something or if someone screams at him.

He is stubborn as can be and never forgets the toy you promised he could play with the next morning or the book you need to return to the library even if you have.

At around 6 am, he puts the blinds up in his room - at the risk of setting the alarm off - to check if it is daylight enough to get out of bed.

He tells you to "go away" if he wants to open something on his own or play with Emma or be alone in the bathroom and seconds later will call out "holp me!"

He often says "my like my mummy, my papa, my Ama" although sometimes it's "my like my mummy, my no like my papa/Ama"

When he  is sick he will tell you "My no beta." "Tomonno my beta" or "my mummy buy syrop" in a way that melts your heart.

He tells me his tooth is also wobbly (like Emma's) and  pretends to be reading the cereal box after Emma has told him what it says.

He can laugh and cry within minutes of the other and has the greatest sense of humor.
He likes to charm the ladies and gives out kisses quite happily.

He has mastered the rudimentary basics of household economics: telling  me when there is no more milk/cereal/crackers and say "mummy buy shop".

He loves "buberries" and "black-buberries" with his cereal.

Darling boy, we are so happy to have you!

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