Sunday, August 20, 2006

Good news of the week

Some of these are minor, itty-bitty, mini, tiny, little things, but they felt like Christmas had come early in the context we're in, so indulge me.

1. I managed to order Nespresso coffee capsules for our Nespresso machine! Hurrah! No need to load up on the stuff when we go back to GVA. (I know Sev, you would be happy to send it over, and thank-you so much, but if we can find it here it's even better) Not only is the Nespresso website bilingual, it actually took my order, and the coffee was delivered 3 days later. That's impressive! Oh, and I loooove my morning espresso!
2. I have finally found some fresh ginger! (made even better by the fact that I had totally given up on ever finding some and bought the powdered stuff), cherry tomatoes and lime!
3. The fence around our garden is finally Balou-proof! (only after having being patched up at least 5 times...) So now, I can go out without worrying that he's going to have a dog party with stray non-vaccinated-full-of-parasites-dogs, or be run-over by a speeding local driver. Pheew!

4. I am finally enrolled for Turkish language classes! Only took two months...

5. I have my very own new car! After having driven six different rentals (due to local "bureaucracy"), of extremely varying quality and condition - you don't want to know!- this is absolument fan-tas-tique!

6. Tomorrow, complicated bureaucratic procedures for me to obtain my very own Turkish permit kick off. This means that there is hope that the spouse that I am, will be able to get a few things done around here without needing my hubs signature and presence! Now that's a life saver!

7. And the very best news of all (drum roll here...) my sis-in-law is visiting for two whole weeks! We thus proclaim her second bravest person; Sev was first, visiting even before our furniture had arrived! Now that's brave!


Brooke said...

YAY!! Nothing better than figuring out how to live your life in a foreign land!!


Bad, bad english said...

You can't make everybody happy. The dog for example. Somebody win, somebody lose.

duke said...

good luck with your Turkish lessons! I was suppose to go to one language class but backed out the last minute. After one year of being here in Istanbul, I still know little of the language ( shame on me!)