Wednesday, August 22, 2007

baby's own passport if you please

Yesterday I finally managed to get Emma's passport pics done. Hurrah!

She does not look exceedingly happy, but it meets the requirements.

We had tried before, but getting a newborn to keep her eyes open and "sit" with her head upright (or at least look like it) is no easy task!

Unbelievably, newborns now have their own passports - they last 3 years!!! which is crazy seeing as they change so much in 3 weeks!


If you ever have to do this, here are a few tips:
  • don't try to do take the picture yourself - instead go to a proper photographer who will have done this a few times and know all about the requirements for a biometric passport
  • take a white scarf or shawl with you to wrap your left hand in (this will hide the hand that holds the head)
  • dress your little one in a top that opens in the front allowing you to hide your other hand while you hold her/him steady across the tummy
  • sit down and cross your legs so that you can balance your babe on the knee of your upper leg, holding her/him away from your body
Good luck!

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Açalya said...

So cute!
Thanks for the tips.