Sunday, August 05, 2007

Emma and I "out there"

Emma and I left the Clinic on Friday and have been learning the life of new Mom & Baby around home and in town (where are all the pram friendly sidewalks, lifts, parking exits???!!!).

Let me tell you, those clinics have organization down to a tee. Not only is the staff superbly friendly and efficient – they really know their stuff – but the layout of anything you might need is really well thought out and makes your life so much more practical. Staying there for a few days post delivery means that you can learn from the mid-wives and nurses (breast-feeding positions, burping, bathing, creaming, nappy changing…) but also observe how to set up your gear at home so that your new routines can be as streamlined as possible and leave less space for careless accidents (where did I put that clean nappy?!)

So a great big cheer for the Clinique Générale Beaulieu (if we're anywhere around here next time around I will definitely do my best to go back there– but a bit soon to be talking about that now!)

Yesterday, Emma’s birth announcement came out in the Tribune de Genève.

I was surprised at my joy to see her name there in a little box with all the other baby announcements. It was like an official welcome to her as well as letting the world know (ok, Geneva!) that she’s arrived.
I always thought birth announcements in the papers were a bit “so what-?” but I actually bought 2 copies and am going to cut the announcement out and paste it in her baby book. Proud Mummy or what?!

For pics of babies born at the CGB- including one of Emma in her car seat gear (enter July 2007 in the date field and click on "ok")

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Maja said...

Congratulations for your cute baby girl. :) I am also expecting a baby girl in October. I've been reading your blog a year ago but now after a longer time I read about this great news! :)