Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Enjoying life and silver beauty

We are back in Geneva, staying in our little pad in France, where we are gradually settling in.
A few minor set backs mean we are not yet fully furnished (we've borrowed a few chairs until ours arrive) and some work still needs doing (doesn't it always when a place is yours?) but luckily nothing as unpleasant or as intrusive as the stuff that was going on in Vienna (I am trying to put that behind me in the hope that no more will be needed when we return to Wien, but who the hell knows with all that went on there....)

Anyway... it's lovely to be in a place of our own, dry frozen fields outside so Balou doesn't need bathing after walks, and to be able to actually enjoy life a little (workmen waking your baby every single day does not make for enjoyable life).

Enough already! Now for some pleasanter stuff;
  • Emma gave us a great Christmas gift and let us have our first full night of uninterrupted sleep since she was born. Yay! Bring out the Champagne!!
  • I also got some more tangible really nice Christmas gifts this year
  • our new chairs should arrive tomorrow!
  • waking up to beauty is good for the soul (read on...)

Although I wouldn't necessarily consider myself a winter person, I am finding that winter can be absolutely gorgeous.
Here are a selection of pics from our pad (or just outside) I wanted to share.

Remember, the view from our place this summer was like this:

well, now it's this:

I am absolutely stunned at the beauty of the winter scenery
the silver trees and the coral like branches

Beautiful, don't you think?

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