Wednesday, August 27, 2008

and Buc (pronounce Buu-uch)!

My Dad did this thing with Emma (and no doubt with us when we were small) where he touched foreheads with her saying "Buu-uch" while she sat on his lap. Gradually, Emma started moving her forehead in toward my Dad's as he would stop half way. Since they don't see each other that often, I continued playing this little game with Emma, and now it's something she does spontaneously with her favorite giraffe, Sophie, when she first picks her up in the morning or indeed the camera.

UPDATE (8th October 2008) below Emma greets squash with "Buuuuch":


Anonymous said...

Wow so many teeth Emma has! Femke's 2nd one is now coming trough..Jippie!

Sandra said...

Yeah, you know how they say babies only do one thing at a time? Well Emma's thing was teething (as opposed to crawling). She had eight of them by her 9th month! Then she had a break and now she is preparing for the molars (her gums have thickened and she has started drooling again).
It must have been really painful for her, but at least having so many out in one go reduced the duration of the pain. Although I must admit, there were nights where we just had to give her a suppository.

Sandra said...

Oh and congrats on Femke's second tooth! It'll make eating solids easier. ;-)