Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Emma update - walking

The weather in Belgrade was gorgeous -Indian summer after autumn? - and so once again we out outside for our Slava. Emma tasted Ajvar, Ruska Salata, Pogacha, Sarma, Soup, and naturally, the torta while sitting in the highchair Baba (my gran) had bought for her first grandson Djordje over a decade ago.

Deda and Nathalie bought Emma her first pair of real shoes (for walking!) and what better place to take her first outdoor steps than on the banks of the Danube?

Here she goes!

I better book a massage, my back is already aching from assisting her in walking.


Anonymous said...

Go Emma Go! Wait until I show Lana she will be super happy to see that!

Sandra said...

Yeah, next summer they'll be running after each other! and if it rains they'll be able to play together in the ball-pen at Wolfisberg's ;-)