Friday, November 21, 2008

Feel wealthy with Wii - Virtual Buying Power

Naturally, since we live in Austria, we have French satellite TV (nothing logical there, I was just trying out my early morning sarcasm) and so we have been exposed to (and sometimes depressed by) the relentless hammering on about the barely-there-and-falling-fast purchasing power of the French. I know, it's not nice to mock, but really...!

Anyway, the
below is from Canal + les Guignols de l'Info and I thought it was absolutely spot on and so brilliant I wanted to share it with you - even in French.

pouvoir d'achat = purchasing power

Kind of reminds me of a movie I saw as a kid, where people got into cabin-like contraptions that kind of looked like today's self-managing public toilets, to make love. Charming....

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