Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Potty training - back to nappies

We're changing strategies.

Emma's kindergarden teacher told me that Emma was "not comfortable with being in underpants" (without nappies) to the point of not playing and participating as she usually does.
Also, when they "put her on the toilet seat she seemed stressed". (this broke my heart, really...)
Her teacher told me that she was probably so concentrated on what was going on between her legs that she could not freely take part in the activities.
After two accidents, they put her nappies back on. They reassured me that she might be ready in a couple of weeks and that they will gladly have her in undies again when she can say she needs to go.

When I was told this I immediately thought "ok, back to nappies and we'll take it slowly. We can use the underpants and potty at home and she'll get the hang of it eventually without the stress. There's enough stress in life as it is, and it's not like potty training now is life defining." As Steph puts it: "Emma is a diesel; she needs a while to get started but then she is hard to stop". After all, she did walk at 19 months!

But when I picked her up this afternoon, what a contrast to this morning when she was casually waking to school wearing her underpants and stopping to proudly show passers by her new sandals. She was whining, crying, cranky. Gosh! Is this all due to being without nappies at kindergarden!?
Since then, I noticed she actually has a fever, so she's now safely tucked into bed having skipped dinner, hopefully sleeping it off.
Come to think of it - I'm not feeling that great either. Maybe we're both coming down with something... As long as it's not the H1N1 Virus.

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Anonymous said...

dear sandra, we have started the potty as well, femke is at home a lot anyway these days and as it is hot she barely wears anything. half of the time it works out well, but the other half frustrates me more than her haha..i am the one who needs to stay motivated.. but emma and femke are still young though, perhaps we are trying it too early??