Saturday, July 04, 2009

Café Prückel & cafés in Vienna

One of the nicer sides to Vienna is it's cafés and restaurants. which we are starting to discover on our weekly adult evening out (thanks to our wonderful Italian babysitter) as well as on some Emma-free mornings.
In most cafés in the winter or when it's cold, the smoke is an issue, but right now we're able to sit out on the terraces despite the fact that it's 13°C outside and raining.
The choice is huge. A variety of cuisines. Some places are trendy, but many of them are really old, majestic in size, charming in spirit and still authentically perspiring their past with a unique appeal.

Sometimes the waiters seem to date back to the 50's too. On more than one occasion I have had the feeling of walking into the past as if through a time machine. I love being served my espresso on a little silver colored tray with the indispensable glass of water. The original linoleum counters or floors, antique lamps, shelves, coat racks and of course, tables and chairs or benches just make you feel as if you're suddenly on the set of Bewitched and Endora is going to appear in a cloud of blue smoke.

One of my favorites is Café Prückel in the first district of Vienna. It is beautiful, has high ceilings, free WIFI, an authentic 50's feel which I am fond on, lovely cakes and coffee served on silver trays by waiters dressed in black and white, lots of magazines to read and comfy chairs. Some photos below or on their website...

N.B. originally written on June 23rd but posting now...

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