Thursday, November 26, 2009

Sick Emma

Last night was a long one. Or a short one as we say in French meaning there was not much sleep to be had.

Emma was fast asleep by 7h30pm having had no dinner and a tiny sip of water she had thrown up before bed-time, a paracetamol suppository keeping her temperature under control.

I hit the sack at 10h30 pm.

At 12h30 pm Emma woke crying out of thirst. I gave her a few sips of really cold water from the fridge (as per doctor's orders, though I'm not sure why) and held her for a while. After 30 minutes I put her back to bed hoping...

Ten minutes later just as I was nodding off again she screamed out "Mummy! Mummy!" and then as I entered the room "nettoyer" (clean in the sense needs to be cleaned) showing me the vomit covering her sheets.

I got her out of bed, gave her a long hug and cleaned up her face and hands. Then while she was safely seated on the nappy changer, changed her sheets. Then her pyjamas.
She was burning up so I and gave her another paracetamol. She wanted water. Ugh. It's really horrible having to deny a child water.

I held her for another ten minutes then gave her the tiniest sip of ice cold water (I tried using a spoon but she took it out of my hands and threw it to the side furious at this new and inexplicable restriction) before putting her back to bed.

Back to bed at 1h12am, I decided to watch an episode of House MD.
She called again at 2 am - thirsty. Another careful tiny sip. Emma is furious at me for taking the water away so soon. "Encore l'eau Maman" she pleads. I try to explain that she needs to have only a little so that she does not vomit again. Her temperature seems to have dropped a little.

Back to bed.

I finish watching House MD and then drift off to sleep.

5 am another cry for water. My little smarty pants has got the trick and is now taking bigger first sips having figured out that I won't let her have too many.

Another couple of sips at 6am and again at 7.

At 8h30 a cold banana straight from the fridge.

Emma enjoying her first solids in 20 hours - a banana

I think the worst is behind us.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, I feel for both of you. I hope she is even better today and that you haven't caught it. Will you make another appointment with the acupuncturist? Doesn't sound as if he was very understanding.
Best wishes from Eva