Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Om Sri Rama, Jaya Rama, Jaya, Jaya Rama

Recently, on this blog, I came across a video of a mantra that I have used to calm myself when getting stressed (like when William is crying in the car and Emma is whining and we are in a hurry to get somewhere).

I was really surprised when I heard the voice of the girl on the video because to my ears she totally sounds like me! I mean, I literally I had the feeling of hearing myself - my own voice. Weird, huh?
Well, I took it as a sign that this was the right mantra for me.

Om Sri Rama, Jaya Rama, Jaya, Jaya Rama

A rough translation: 'Om and Victory to Rama (the self within), victory, victory to Rama.'

According to this site it is "a Sanskrit mantra chanted by many Hindus and Buddhists. It literally means "Om and Victory to Rama, vistory, victory to Rama". Mahatma Gandhi chanted this mantra for over 60 years. It is intended to cleanse one of negative karma, from this life and previous lives and to take one "across the ocean of rebirth" ."

What's not to love? Plus, I really like the sound of it and I think William does too ;-)


Isla said...

Wow i love it : ) and it does kinda sound like you.."Om Sri Rama Jaya Rama Jaya Jaya Rama"

Nora said...

This is really weird...I find that it sounds exactly like MY voice! Not yours at all!!!
Maybe there's a magic trick to make every female person think it sounds like herself;)

Sandra said...

Nora, that is SO strange!!! Maybe there is some trick... On the other hand, I remember a couple of people saying how similar we sounded (from all of those hours spend together no doubt) way back in our teens... ;-)