Sunday, December 12, 2010

Grand-papa & Pata's visit

This week-end Grand-papa François & Pata visited us. Emma was absolutely over the moon with joy that her grand-parents were visiting and gave them a warm and enthusiastic greeting -jumping up and down - when they picked her up at kindergarden on Friday afternoon.

She absolutely lapped up the extra attention and love - especially from her grand-dad on the first day, but she also warmed up to Pata by Saturday.

The weather was not so great - snow and slush and rain and an absolutely glacial wind - but we still managed to visit Schönbrunn Christmas Market and have an absolutely scrumptious dinner at Do & Co Albertina.

We also decorated our Christmas tree and placed some gifts under it. This confused Emma a bit (how come there were presents under the tree and when did Santa Claus come?) so we had to explain that at Christmas time we exchange family presents and that Santa will come on Christmas eve (although she does not understand when this is despite the fact that we open the 2 advent calendars every morning)... She is 3 and 3 months old after all...

Emma and Grand-papa François

Tomorrow we'll be going to the kindergarden Christmas party.


Anonymous said...

Dear Sandra,
I have been very absent from the online community, but have occasionally peeked on your blog. It feels actually very good to have a bit more time on my hands for other things.
Just wanted to say that I can't believe that Emma is so "big" already. She looks so precious with her short haircut. I love her smile in the last picture. Make me want to squeeze her.
I wish I could be in Europe for the Christmas time, even though the weather is so bad. Here in Las Vegas it is warm (17 celsius) and people go crazy with the commercialism of Santa Claus, the renders, etc. Music, lights, shopping craziness, plastic trees and blow up snoopy are a daily sight.

Sandra said...

Hi Eva,
I miss your posts and your beautiful pictures. But I am glad you are feeling good about the extra time ;-)
About Christmas in Europe, I must say, Vienna is lovely at this time of year. Lots of lights and markets, hot tea, cinnamon and pine smells. I remember feeling that Christmas was not actually happening when it was so warm in Izmir, so I can relate to the temperature thing, and can only count my blessings about not having to deal with too much commercialism here. I hope you enjoy a family Christmas nevertheless with your own authentic traditions ;-)
Merry Christmas to you, Leyla and Rick!