Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Health mini-update

Just a quickie with my latest medical bits:
I finally got hold of the cardiologist this morning and he said my lab results were normal and we should continue the blood pressure medication for another year or so "until a less stressful time" and then maybe stop them along with a life-style change.
So I'm selling the kids and moving to a zen-bubble! ;-)

Seriously, it's good news. Even if I have a hard time with imagining the "less stressful time" because for the past 7 years my life has not been very peaceful:
2004 I announce I am getting married, my parents announce they are separating 6 weeks before my wedding date ( I'll let you imagine the rest)
2005 I quit my job and adjust to doing some free-lance stuff and we buy a dog
2006 we move to Izmir, my Dad gets cancer
2007 Emma is born, we move to Vienna
2008 Due to disaster apartment Emma and I spend 6 months in Geneva while Steph works in Vienna, we give our dog away to a family without kids
2009 pregnant in Vienna mostly ok
2010 William is born, my father dies

I'm not planning on having more kids, I only had one Dad and as for the moving, well, hopefully we will get better at managing its stresses as life goes on.

I realize that it's not what happens to you in life but the way you handle it that is key here, but I also think things add up. Here's to a calmer decade!

Must get Will up now!
Thanks again to all those who checked in and sent good vibes!

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