Sunday, February 20, 2011

No news, good news... I hope

First of all, a BIG thanks to all of you who checked in and wrote or called. I can already feel the good vibes helping ;-)

I still don't know anything more! The cardiologist took a long week-end so when we spoke on Friday he said he had not seen my latest results and that I should call him on Tuesday.

The good-news is that Emma is back! Healthy and chirpy as ever. Will, on the other hand now has fever (at 9am his temperature was 38,4° much lower than Emma's was), but it could be teething so we have to wait and see. This morning he was awake since 4h30am which means we are not that well rested. It's still grey and really cold and we are all so much looking forward to spring and sun and a holiday.

In the meantime, here are some happy pics of Will and me taken by the computer's Photo Booth.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Sandra,
I love to see pictures of you.
I just got around to read your last post on your struggle with your health. If you only could sense how much empathy I have for you. There seem to be so many layers to all of this. I hear your grief, your need to be strong for your children, your awareness of our vulnerability as humans, your sense of feeling lost in a foreign country (especially when sick), your need for more time to yourself, your physical being that is out of balance, and so much more.
May you find your balance again.
Your vulnerability and honesty are so appreciated by me.
Love from Eva