Wednesday, April 20, 2011

happy and dreamy teaching us to chill

At the moment, Will is causing chaos and mess within a nano second as soon as I have my back turned - pulling out parts of the dryer, clothes from drawers, tissues from tissue boxes, pans and saucepans from cupboards and drawers. Even when we are face to face and we are having dinner he manages this quite well as you can see from the below pic, it looks like a war zone below his chair after dinner. ;-)

I have become quite zen with all this, knowing it is useless to tidy up right after him if I don't want to do it 20 times a day and even giving him a full basket of clean socks to sort through when I need a few minutes to make a call or brush my teeth.

I have a bit of a theory that Emma is teaching us the value of taking one's time or slowing down (she actually told Steph "Wir haben kein Stress" when he was badgering her to get ready for school the other morning - hilarious!) and Will is teaching us the value of letting go, letting the small stuff slide and enjoying the fun of the moment (as he is only interested in having fun). These are difficult lessons to learn for speedy, objective oriented, super-efficient/organized and stress prone parents. Hopefully they will continue to be good teachers and we will learn well.

Will sorting through the paper recycling bin.

Here I am!

Happy Will after a nice walk and play in the park

I like stripes, can't you tell?and pretty Emma

quite dreamy making do in the "baby swing"
since the "big girl" one was taken


Janset Acar said...

I love these lesson, too, Sandra :)) It def was Ela who taught me what 'living in the Now' really is...
Love & Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

Dear Sandra,
These are quite some lessons they both are teaching you. Will seems to have such a happy spirit. His smile is priceless. I can imagine that it is easy to accept his "lesson" for you when he smiles like this. They are both so precious. It must be so interesting to have two children with very different "lessons" for their parents.
I also love stripes and additionally dots and colors and all the children's clothes craziness I can find.
Happy Earth Day to you.
Love from Eva