Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy day of birth William!

Wooo Hooo! It's been 1 year since that sunny Sunday April morning in Vienna when William came into our family and into the world.
Congrats Will ! Congrats to us parents for having come through the first year of many sleepless nights and days. Congrats Emma on having made room in your heart and life to share your parents and space with your little brother.

I'm afraid you'll have to wait until we are back in Vienna for pics of Will and the birthday cake as we are in Antalya and I don't have the necessary equipment with me to post a pic.

Happy Birthday William baby and happy Easter Monday everyone else!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, William!
Congratulations to you as well for having survived all these sleepless nights. I still have bad memories of those :)
In Antalya??!!!! I wish I could have another vacation in Turkey. This is the place I still miss the most.
Can't wait to see pictures.
Love from Eva

Janset Acar said...

Happy Birthday Williammm!!!!
And congrats Sandra, the hardest time is over ;)))
Enjoy Antalya!!! Hope the weather there is better than in Istanbul :o
Love, Jan

Isla said...

Happy Birthday William : )
hugs xxx

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday also from Egypt...amazing how one year past by so quickly..Any plans to leave Vienna? xxx