Saturday, May 07, 2011

Bored, restless and happy

I am getting a bit bored with blogging and my blog at the moment. Actually, I lack the time to do it properly/ the way I would like to and the little energy and time I have left turn up a half-hearted unsatisfactory result.

But I actually have lots of ideas and thoughts that are interesting only they occur when I am under the shower and then get swept away with breakfast making, teeth brushing, bag packing, driving to kindergarden etc. and by the time all the other errands are done I don't have a 10th of the energy or thoughts left in me. Quite frustrating for me and quite boring for you I am sure.

Anyway, here is today's.

A while ago I read about Joy pockets and while today is not Friday and I don't think I'm going to post this every second Friday, here are my joy pockets of the week.

  • A lovely frothy milk on my home made latte thanks to our new Milkschäumer

  • Pretty Emma Pirate - I love the fact that she can be a princess fairy one day and want to be a Pirate the next

  • A moment on my own walking down to the market singing Gloria Gaynor's "Can't take my eyes off of you"
  • Tickling Emma and Will until they shriek with laughter
  • Receiving a wonderful new perfume and a bouquet of flowers from my honey
  • Smelling my husbands after shave in the bathroom after he has gone to work
  • A lovely warm shower to warm you up
  • Bright blue sky

There is something about listing joyful moments (and visualizing them) that makes you feel instantly happy.

So happy Sunday everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Sandra,
I know exactly how you feel.
The frothy milk looks very inviting. It is also one of my daily joys to have a self made cappuccino with warm frothy milk. I think I never will give up coffee.
I am not bored by your blog. Love coming back to these insights into your life and getting glimpses of you and your family.
The last post was also great, because it finally had some more pictures of you.
Love from Eva