Sunday, May 01, 2011

Antalya all-inclusive holiday

On Saturday we got back from Antalya where we spent 10 days at the Club Med. The Turkish hospitality and love of kids, the food and the resort grounds were all super. William unfortunately decided he would not sleep through the night on most nights and due to dinner being served at 19h30 earliest we were all in bed at pretty much the same time so as to be rested enough during the day. Rest, after all, was our main objective. ;-)
Unfortunately, the sun was not always around but the sea breeze, the food, the massages and general happy atmosphere was just what the dr ordered!

Friday we traveled from Vienna to Antalya by plane and then by mini bus to the club resort in Kemer. It was our first holiday since September and we really needed it.
Our first night is agitated as William keeps waking and crying and we jump to calm him so he does not wake Emma.

Saturday is windy and a bit rainy and we are all pretty tired.
We get a bit scared when Emma disappears having followed running kids and then found she had no idea where she was. She tells the kind person who asks her where her parents are that her Mummy is lost and ends up waiting for us at reception.
We discover the grounds; beautiful green grass, palm trees, shimmering water and lots of activities for big and little alike. Food is yummy.

Sunday: I get a black eye (well, purple actually) as I try to catch Will wooshing down the water slide with Emma on my back and his head hits my brow, well, my sunglasses actually. The bruising is quite amazing and on the spot it really hurt.
Will becomes the resort photographer's star.

beautifully sunny and warmer, the Easter egg hunt, Emma has fun at the mini Club, there is a clown show in the afternoon and we are totally getting the hang of things (kids sleeping well, Emma knows her way around more...) We celebrate Will's first birthday around a chocolate cake in the sun. Emma and the wind blow the candles and Emma actually wants to eat the whole cake!
Will loves strawberries and chicken nuggets and black olives and is enjoying all the finger food.

Tuesday: We are shocked to discover people were considering whether my black eye was not due to my husband!!!!

On Wednesday it is cloudy again but Emma really enjoyed time at the mini club and we the massages, some time to talk and yummy food. About the black- eye, people started asking if it was better which I took to indicate they no longer feared it was due to my husband.
Emma was also mistaken for a boy a couple of times (by long-haired boy twins and a 20 year old looking girl and a middle-aged man). This offended her a bit so on Thursday she only wanted to wear a pink dress and kept saying she wanted long hair. Steph, William and I head for Kemer and load up on cotton t-shirts.

On Friday it's beautifully sunny again and we enjoy our last day and meals and select some pics from those taken by the photographers during our stay. We meet some Canadians living in Poland and enjoy Emma's performance in the Mini Club Show.

we landed back in Vienna after a trying trip with the kids. Phew.

It's cloudy today but we are happy to be home after a nice family holiday. The kids are re-discovering their toys and playing happily.

Here is a full overview of our holiday pics.

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