Monday, September 05, 2011

La rentrée or the moving blues

Today was the first day of school here (la rentrée in French means the start of the new academic year around which also marks the beginning of the French political season) administration and so there was absolutely NO parking spots to be had near the kindergarden.
Plus the actual
street the kindergarden is on was absolutely blocked with traffic and an empty tram that could not move ahead due to a very badly parked SUV. Then the fire-brigade showed up and had to move it. We had to park a mile away and actually ended up walking a longer distance than if we had walked from home.
Anyway... what I wanted to write about was that it's the first day of school and there are little kids running around everywhere still slightly tanned, carrying new school bags, books, pencil cases and sprouting large smiles. Little groups of 16 year old boys and girls in shorts and large handbags. Umph. I am not nostalgic of being 16 even if I am nearing 40! It's just that I used to love the first days of school and buying all the new stationary stuff and catching up with friends and kids form school again.

And now -although my kids are not school kids yet- I am wondering whether we will be able to order the last CD of kindergarden pics and reading about parent evenings and kindergarden outings that will take place when we will be gone (to Greece) and all this will be going on here without us. Isnt' that weird? And I don't mean that in a we-are-the centre-of-the-world-how-can-it-all-go-on-without-us? way. Just that we have been to the parents evening every October for the past 3 years and now we won't. We will be in Greece. Probably trying to find a decent coffee and a parking space. And not understanding anything.

Ok, that was my grumpiness for today.

On the happy side, we had a lovely week-end visiting friends in their new house
and enjoying the Montmartre party at Turkenschanzpark (we usually miss this due to our habitual week in Croatia).

William had his first ever train ride and hot-dog (!!) and Emma got a new sun-dress which I love and jumped her heart out.

that's all for today!


nora said...

Going to Brachard and getting a new filofax, choosing a new pencil-case, people staring to wear jumpers again, the soon-to-come whiff of marrons chauds in the street, autumn leaves on the ground, the crisp autumn air...c'est la Rentrée!

Sandra said...

ha! you lucky girl! ;-) Yes,the "marrons chauds" is something I will miss from Vienna in Greece. I can't wait until I can get my new pencil case and sketch pads for my second "student life" too!!!