Saturday, October 01, 2011

Alive and (nearly) kicking in Athens

We made it! We are here, there are lots of boxes that still need unpacking but tonight we are spending our first night in Athens and in our new home - all four of us.

The movers were great and we had the precious help of G. (another one!) a Russian lady who cleans at our neighbors and who came over to help us. What a wonderful, quick, positive woman. And I got to practice my Russian!

As I write everyone is in bed and I am totally exhausted having unpacked and put away lots and lots but happy to be here.

Tomorrow we might go to the sea and take a break from "the move".

More news soon...

Nightie night!


Anonymous said...

I've been checking during the evening, but did not think, you will manage to post 'the very first one' from Athens already tonight ;-)

Sweet dreams, you know, the first ones come true!


Anonymous said...

It's great to have your news. GOOD LUCK with everything in Athens!
xox Nora