Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Kicked out of kindergarden

On Saturday the owner of Will's kindergarden sold it because she is leaving Greece. 

Yesterday as I was dozing on the sofa (still sick and feverish) she called to give me the news. 

The new school will not welcome the under 2,5 year olds and hence as of November 1st William will no longer have a kindergarden to go to unless we find him a spot somewhere else. 

I am furious shocked outraged but it does not help. The fact that we have a signed contract does not help. I am angry that William will have to make another change after having just adjusted to his new environment following our move from Vienna 3 weeks ago - this too does not help. 
Right now, a part from the strikes, the no sidewalks, the crazy unlawful driving and heaps of garbage everywhere this countries ways are pissing me off. But I guess I can count our blessings for we are all ok.
Today I will try to hunt down a free spot in another french speaking kindergarden. Fingers crossed please!!!


Anonymous said...

You must be kidding! Fingers crossed and good luck! Well, is it at least sunny and warm down there?
Freezing here (really white grass in the morning), BUT from tomorrow on, our heating should work. Until now, we heated at least in our sleeping room with wood in our old beautiful oven. Anyway, tomorrow, in a nice warm house, I will write more in an email. And I/we will hopefully not need any more alcohol in the evening to warm me/us up... You see, enjoying the 'Landleben' with all the sences.

Sandra said...

Hello M,
Yay! for old ovens in bedrooms! Although the alcoholic warmth is nice sometimes too ;-)))

Hope today find's you in a nice warm house!