Friday, May 18, 2012

Cannes and melon, petits pois à la grèque and roasted peppers

Cannnes! Ah Cannes... it is that time of year again. 

When I was a student in London, exams finished before those of friends in Geneva and so I would often fly to Belgrade to visit my Baba (grandma).  Together, in the evenings we would watch the TV reports from the Cannes Film Festival and eat melon. Great memories.

I would also get to fill up on yummy dishes after a year of student food and my own concoctions.  It felt so good.

One of the dishes she prepared (although not specifically a summer dish I think) was peas with dill. I love dill and quite like peas  - and recently tasted the dish here in Greece. It turns out here it is Greek style peas and so now I have their recipe too which is pretty much the same but I never knew it was Greek. ;-)

Another thing I remember watching her prepare (amazed that she would manage not to burn her fingers) are roasted peppers. Once the peppers were near black she would wrap them in old newspaper to get the skin to loosen more easily. The smell has stayed with me ever since.

I love roasted peppers in olive oil and garlic and it looks like it runs in the family as William could eat them forever.

My Dad often told me how surprised he was that I enjoyed cooking so much. Well, I think here's why: apart from it being one of the only creative things I manage in my Mummy schedule these days, food is a really important thing in my life because I like good food.  It's a part of what I want to give to (and teach) my kids.  Good food should be part of every kids family memories. But I love cooking because it is part of my family heritage. Great food is really important, no?

Bon appetit!

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