Tuesday, May 08, 2012

April update and second grand-parental visit

Wow! It's the 8th of May already and in about 5 weeks school is over and the kids and I head off to Geneva for a little while. Time is totally flying for us at the moment, especially as this will be the first year where we actually have no "school"  over the summer. Oh! that is another thing I miss about Vienna; the 365/year day-care!!! 

Anyway, the pollen that has been making us wheeze and itch has almost settled and the kids are healthy,  the weather is starting to warm up here (30°!!) so the fly swatters are out and we have been to beaches, picnics and BBQs and some of us even swam in the sea!  (I am in search of a decent waxing studio -another concept I so miss from Vienna!! so that I can participate in the beach fun). 

Unfortunately we were much too busy actually doing all this to take any pics so here are some of our second grand-parental visit in April (click here to view pics of the first

Mum (Gogo) and Chris on Hydra

The 3 girls - Gogo, Emma and me on our terrace (my eyes were so itchy from the pine pollen!)
 Gogo and Emma on the climbing frame
 Emma on the sea-saw in her school uniform
 Gogo and Emma ready for our first out-door lunch on our terrace
 William ready to try the Greek "Wurscht"?!
 The BBQ Chef in person!
 William fighting for more chips!
 Gogo and Will on a walk at Varibombi

That's all for now folks! ;-)

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