Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Week 2 in Geneva

Week 2 in Geneva is proving slightly less stressful; for one thing Emma is no longer vomiting, the garbage chute is empty and clean (which means I can use it for nappy disposal - yay!!!), the shower drain unplugged and the washing machine running again. (That all added up to a LOT of stress last week!!)
Emma and Will have also gradually gotten used to spending more time together, sharing me as well as a bedroom and attention from family and friends. I am getting used to managing them all on my own - even if it means getting up extra early to shower and get at least a sip of coffee before having to answer a million questions as to what we will be doing today and who we will be seeing all the while trying to persuade William that honey puffs taste just as good when eaten with a spoon. 
Emma seems happier and less anxious and is at least expressing jealousy openly now (I want to stay with XX alone and you take Will to the park!) which I think is a positive sign. 

Also, we have gotten into more or less of a routine here I guess and while we go to a park or pool every day I am working hard on managing a bit of "me time" whether it's a phone call or meeting up with a friend or stopping by a shop I like or walking a bit.

Today the weather was really heavy and cloudy but we stopped by the Carouge fountains after ice-cream at Gelato Mania to cool off a bit. 

Steph is due to join us on Friday and we will be flying back together. Phew! I hope things will continue to improve and go smoothly throughout the summer.

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