Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bye bye Geneva (and cousins)...

(from left to right) Emma, Sasha, 
William and Lana with Tara presiding over them all ;-)

It was really nice to see you and get to know you a bit. And thank-you for happily keeping yourselves busy and thus giving us some child-free time ;-) 

See you next year...

Actually one of the best developments of this summer has been that William and Emma have actually started to play on their own now - together but also each by themselves - leaving me a bit more time when we are home. Ah. Finally.  I can just picture it. I will come home and once shoes are off and hands are washed I will send them off to play and serve myself a drink and look through the mail or flip through the latest Living etc. and only 20 minutes later begin making dinner. Sigh. Bliss. 

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