Monday, August 13, 2012

Visting cousins in the south of France

About this time last week we drove down to the south of France near Avignon to a little village called Apt to visit my sis and brother in law and their three little ones, T, L & S (who were on hols there from Singapore). 
The drive down was quite quick (we left early to avoid traffic) but the weather on the way way horrible!
Luckily the very next day, the sun was out and we could enjoy the local colours and smells at the farmer's market
William enjoying Daddy and his hat
The buildings are all quite charming if run-down
Emma and her cousins T & L
The house (of which I have not even got a pic for some reason?!) 
and garden are beautiful!
My sis and brother-in-law L & D (with William peeking in the back)
Our fish chef and selector of all yummy things (from tapenade to rosé); D.
The girls and S. ready for lunch while William is still playing
All 5 cousins! Aged 8 to 2
 We had a lovely and relaxing time- And now for our last week in Geneva before we head back to Athens!

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