Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Grand-papa & Pata's visit

Well, we are back from Rhodes (click here for pics) and we thoroughly enjoyed Grand-papa & Pata's visit. Let's hope next time we manage to combine the two; a holiday trip and their visit!!!

Here are some pics:

William banging away on one of his birthday presents

 Stopping in the shade during a walk in Varibombi
 visiting the Acropolis

 Emma and Grand-papa cooling down in the pool
 Pata and the kids chilling in front of some cartoons...
 at the park, trying out the see-saw

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Isla said...

Wow i love the pink jeans you look fantastic!! What a lovely trip, was so lovely to hear from you today : ) i have contacted google to see if they can help with my rather backlink and hopefully can get back online soon. Take Care and big hug of thanks