Sunday, May 12, 2013

Our little garden

Here in north of Athens house, we are lucky enough to have a small garden. Although at first it was a challenge; you need to set up the watering right and plant things in the right places for the right amount of sun or shade and I had no idea about any of this - I am now really enjoying having it. 

I like breathing in the flowery or onion-y wiffs I get as I walk by. I like feeling the grass under my feet in the mornings or evenings when I go and have a look at what has developed, dried or grown, been nibbled on or bloomed. I love seeing small bees come and pollinate my flowers and hearing them and other insects whizz by totally reminds me of my childhood when I was lucky enough to have garden owning grandparents on both sides. 

I love having my own rosemary, chives, mint and parsley - and hopefully basil - on my little balcony to add to drinks or salads. 

It's sometimes hard work and frustrating when things die on me or don't grow as expected - and conversely immensely satisfying when things grow unexpectedly fast or blossom into something magnificent and colourful. Nowadays, I find it really relaxing having all this nature around us and am really glad the kids can enjoy it too. 

 There is a tiny bee in there can you see it?
 our flowery corner includes some plants Emma and William brought 
back as sprouts form school and we don't yet know what they will become
 shared roses with the neighbour and the kids trampoline 
I can't remember the name of the white flowers
 no idea what these orange beauties are called but aren't they pretty!?
 In Greek I think these are Gallia or something. 
I love their bright pink colour and the fact that they 
reach out to the sun so high

 the purple ones are something solaris and are 
usually found on islands but I saw them in someone else's garden 
and asked our gardener to find us some.
 our kitchen balcony with coloured flowers 
as well as rosemary, mint, parsley and chives
and a place to have coffee or an aperitif and chips

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