Monday, September 30, 2013

family visits - Gogo and Chris

We've been so busy with new school books and activities, BBQ picnics and bonding field-trips that I have not had much time to post. So here's a quick update:

A couple of weeks ago Gogo and Chris paid us a visit. Emma spend one afternoon at her best friends' birthday party and poor Chris was a bit ill but we still enjoyed some nice meals in and out and William and Emma practiced bike riding.

Chris and the kids as they wait for their school buses

Gogo with Emma and William waiting for their school buses
William is really enjoying his new bike now
Emma on her bike with Gogo

William wants to go fast

William and I wait for his school bus to come
(he is holding the witches broom - yes! he still enjoys cleaning!)

Next Thursday we are expecting Tata-yéyé and Greg! 

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